About Integrity Marine Solutions

Let me introduce myself. I am the owner and operator of Integrity Marine Solutions, Carmen Tartaglia. I have been an avid boater for my entire life. I’ve owned, operated and maintained many vessels from 13 to 42 ft over a period of 35 or so years, during which time I earned my USCG Captains OUPV License. I am a certified ABYC standards technician and proudly hold a certification from the Chapman School of Seamanship for Yacht and Small Craft Surveyors; the absolute gold standard in marine surveyor education. I am also a member of the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS), who maintains the standard for Marine Surveyors.

Integrity Marine Solutions

What We Do

What we do at Integrity is an inspection of the vessel that you either presently own or have entered into contract to own, based on the buyer or owners needs. We also are available to do absentee consultations for out of state buyers and in-process build inspections for new vessels under construction.  Much like homes are built and maintained by codes and standards; boats are as well.  We survey to those important US Coast Guard and American Boat and Yacht (ABYC) standards. Your safety is our first priority. 

What you get when you contract us for your surveying or consulting needs is a comprehensive report of the vessels condition and value, as well as an appraisal of the vessel. This report includes important details about the vessel, its systems, and their function and condition. Within the report there are details known as “Findings”, which are just that. Findings are deficiencies and/or notes that refer to the issues that the surveyor finds during the inspection which may require attention. These items are listed by priority in which to use as a “punch list” for insurance requirements, pre-purchase knowledge, or simply “peace of mind” purposes. Reports are clear and concise, provided quickly, and with the heart of the company in mind; with Integrity.